• November 9, 2021


As the CPhI Worldwide 2021 takes place in Milan (Italy), the largest international event dedicated to the pharmaceutical and chemical-pharmaceutical industry, the Olon Group is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its pipeline of active pharmaceutical ingredients, a result of its R&D investment strategy.
The event is representative of the pharmaceutical industry’s entire supply chain, and the producers of active substances and outsourced manufacturing — for which Olon is one of the major Italian representatives — are the “backbone”.

With a global network of production sites, the Italian Group is a leader in the production of generic and CDMO APIs, for chemical as well as biological synthesis. Relying on one of the sector’s longest track records and a significant investment in R&D, at the CPhI, Olon will present a pipeline enriched with 9 new active substances for the generic market. The expansion of the pipeline — a result of continuous investment in internal R&D — represents diversification in terms of therapeutic areas and molecule types, with the introduction, for example, of new APIs in multiple sclerosis and the treatment of anaemia, as well as in terms of implementing new synthesis routes. Olon apply to development and industrial manufacturing some of the most advanced technologies, among the foremost there are biocatalysis, fluorination, cryogenic reaction and flow chemistry.

“Thanks to our experience in the generics market, we are known for our ability to adapt to specific quality, physical and chemical needs, as well as IP strategies that allow a prompt access to quality and affordable medicine generics as quickly as possible” commented Paolo Tubertini, CEO at Olon Group.

Olon has diversified and backed investments across several lines and multiple facilities to be able to manage various high-containment molecules at different scales and guarantee flexibility on a significant scale.
Olon’s pipeline of generic APIs is reinforced in the oncology area, where the Group has solid expertise as one of the sector’s top companies producing high-activity active substances, with the introduction of numerous anti-tumour APIs, particularly those with selective high activity.

With a 2020’s Turnover of 530 Mio$, OLON supplies 34 Chemical Intermediates and more than 295 APIs for the Generic market.

Thanks to all the 2.200 employees, and to highly qualified R&D team – more than 200 people – OLON can offer complete integrated packages and services to support the full development of APIs based on strong knowledge in both Chemical and Biological process, all of them under a full cGMP and regulatory coverage – holder of about 160 active US DMFs and 79 granted CoS.
Always considering human safety and environmental security, OLON handles different and not-common manufacturing process technologies, such as Cyanation, Bromination, Fluorination, Carbonylation, and Fermentation – combined with chemical synthesis to produce APIs proteins, high-potent small molecules and therapeutically active peptides for pharma application and proteins and small molecules for food, feed, and other bio-industrial markets.
Headquartered in Rodano (Milan, Italy), OLON has 11 manufacturing facilities – 8 located in Italy, 1 in Spain, 1 in USA and 1 in India, designed in compliance with the strictest international requirements, and 3 branch offices in Hamburg (Germany), Florham Park NJ (USA) and Shanghai (China).
The manufacturing sites are regularly inspected by the most important national and international Authorities, and regularly audited by our partners and customers. The facilities are FDA-inspected and self-identified under GDUFA.
Besides pharmaceutical certifications, OLON complies with ISO standards (14001), has dedicated areas for food-grade manufacturing and complies with Kosher, Halal and within 2018-Q3 also with FSSC 22.000.
To be highlighted OLON’s growing cooperation with Universities: University of Milan (Italy), Milan Politecnico (Italy), University of Pavia (Italy), and University of Murcia (Spain).


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