• September 1, 2021


Olon is proud to present its Sustainability Manifesto 2021, published today on our corporate media. The new Manifesto represents a transparent report of the commitment and results that the Group is pursuing globally, in each country it operates, and consistently with its strategy.

Olon has set very ambitious global targets of sustainability regarding waste and consumption of natural resources and energy as well. Starting from today, based on the milestone of a new Manifesto, the Group states its commitment to publishing sustainability on an annual basis.

Sustainability is an essential part of Olon’s mission, which the company is pursuing with determination and perseverance, combined with an ambitious vision for the future: becoming a global leader in the production of APIs from an ethical and environmental perspective.

Today the company embraces a new dimension of sustainability, that integrates respect for the environment with caring people. Olon promotes and supports a new industrial model that sets far-sighted goals while never forgetting how precious people and natural resources are, which need to be protected. Playing the role of market leader also carries a social weight because it means performing a driving and motivational task.

OLON Sustainability Manifesto 2021